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October 04, 2021 / Jonah Furman
A group of New York City educators who bucked the union’s ruling caucus to vote down their contract three years ago has now won elected office. This puts them in the leadership of their small chapter within the United Federation of Teachers—and gives them seats on the union’s bargaining team for 2022. »
Help Wanted sign - background red, text white, in window of store
September 30, 2021 / Luis Feliz Leon, / Dan DiMaggio
The capitalist vultures are wheeling low, but they’re finding slim pickings to choose from these days. “No one wants to work!” The bosses whine about a worker shortage—though it’s one they brought about. »
September 25, 2021 /
This piece, from American Federation of Teachers Executive Vice President Evelyn DeJesus, is a response to a Viewpoint we published earlier this week, “The AFT Shouldn’t Be Negotiating Away Puerto Rican Teachers’ Pensions,” by the MORE »
September 17, 2021 / Luis Feliz Leon
Two thousand Washington carpenters went on strike yesterday, out of 6,600 who currently work under the master agreement with the Association of General Contractors (AGC). »
two protesters holding signs
September 14, 2021 / Joe DeManuelle-Hall
Eighty thousand New York City municipal workers who had been largely working remotely for the past 18 months were forced back this week to full-time, in-person work—after less than two weeks’ notice. »
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September 09, 2021 /
In recent decades, a top management priority at the bargaining table has been reducing the cost of retirement benefits. The pandemic and its economic fallout have generated a new round of employer demands for pension freezes, benefit cuts, plan conversions, and two-tier coverage. »
September 03, 2021 / Luis Feliz Leon
During a typical downpour, the rainwater also pours gobs of cash in tips into the pockets of immigrant gig workers as they zip around the city delivering takeout to New Yorkers hunkering down at home. »
A group of Mexican women farmworkers sit in several rows behind the SINDJA banner.
August 30, 2021 /
In 2015, tens of thousands of poor, mostly indigenous migrant farmworkers (or jornaleros) went on strike in Mexico, blockading the transpeninsular highway that connects agricultural production in the valley of San Quintín, Baja California, with »
Block the Boat NY/NJ protesters with Palestinian flags at the port near Elizabeth, NJ.
August 26, 2021 /
In May, Palestinian workers urgently appealed for international solidarity against a sharp escalation of Israeli violence. Their appeals have been met with an unprecedented response—even in the United States, where labor officialdom has long supported the world’s last remaining apartheid regime (see sidebar). »