Buy Labor Notes Books in Bulk

Interested in buying a Labor Notes book for your whole study group or steward training conference? Big discounts are available!

Bulk discounts on Labor Notes-authored books (Secrets of a Successful Organizer, How to Jump-Start Your Union, Democracy Is Power, etc.)

  • 5-10 copies = 10 percent off
  • 11-50 copies = 25 percent off
  • 51 copies and up = 40 percent off

Bulk discounts on Work Rights Press books by Robert M. Schwartz (Legal Rights of Union Stewards, Just Cause, The FMLA Handbook, etc.):

  • 25-49 copies = 10 percent off
  • 50-99 copies = 15 percent off
  • 100-249 copies = 20 percent off
  • 250+ copies = 25 percent off

You can order discounted purchases online. Simply add the number of books you want to your shopping cart and the discount will be applied automatically!

For questions about discounted bulk purchases, call the Labor Notes office at 718-284-4144.