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September 01, 2016 /
After a two-year battle that culminated with students occupying the president’s office in May, the maintenance staff at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York, finally has a union contract. In August the dozen workers, now members of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 30, ratified the first contract for directly hired employees in this small liberal-arts »
August 30, 2016 /
Passionate voices across labor have spent the past year arguing over the 2016 election. But the debate over whom to support too often obscures an equally important question—how unions support candidates. Most of us, the research suggests, are doing it wrong. »
August 24, 2016 /
The first problem that confronts the writer of a murder mystery series is how the protagonist manages to get drawn into so many murders. No wonder most protagonists are police investigators or private eyes. It’s what I think of as the Miss Marple Problem—how can so many people get murdered in the quiet little village of St. Mary Mead, anyway? »
August 23, 2016 /
It isn’t often that one gets invited to see a musical produced by a friend. And I have to admit, while I knew that Gene Bruskin has been a fine organizer for 40 years, I was a bit skeptical that he could also be a playwright. »
August 22, 2016 / Chris Brooks
It’s called the Independent Drivers Guild—but the new organization for New York City’s estimated 35,000 Uber drivers is “independent” in name only. Co-founded by Uber and the Machinists union, it's not a union, it has no collective bargaining rights, and it receives financial support from Uber. »
August 19, 2016 /
Bartenders, housekeepers, servers, cooks, and other casino workers at the Trump Taj Mahal have made history with the longest casino strike in Atlantic City since gambling became legal here more than 40 years ago. »
August 19, 2016 /
August 16, 2016 /
For too long, health care workers have suffered from the assumption that workplace violence is just part of the job. But that’s finally changing—and union nurses are playing a key role in propelling the change forward. »
August 02, 2016 /
As news about the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, Michigan, has reverberated across the country, many cities and schools have been discovering that their own problems with lead are just as bad, if not worse. »
July 28, 2016 /
It’s an inside joke in the labor movement that Dave Regan, president of Oakland-based Service Employees-United Healthcare Workers West (SEIU-UHW), is better at organizing employers than he is workers. But recent developments make it clear that he’s not even good at that. And California voters are paying the price. »