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Local Unions Take Lead in Verizon Strike Solidarity

Apr 29 /

As the strike by 39,000 Verizon and Verizon Wireless workers continues into its third week, efforts are underway to broaden picketing at Verizon Wireless stores across the country. »

Truck Workers Jump-Start Union and Reverse Two-Tier

Apr 27 /

Indiana factory workers defeated a two-tier wage and pension system by rebuilding their local from the bottom up. »

On the Line with Verizon Strikers

Apr 21 /

Thirty-nine thousand Verizon workers walked off their jobs April 13, beginning one of the largest strikes in years. »

Organizers, Aim for the Bullseye!

Apr 28 / , ,

How can you move people from passive to active supporters of the union, and incorporate them into your core group of organizers? »

Can Teamsters Save the Right to Retire?

Apr 21 /

"If they can get away with something like this, what’s next?" asks retired trucker Brad Colesworthy. With pension cuts looming, at age 75 he’s back to work full-time, driving a school bus. »

With Second Strike Looming, Twin Cities Janitors Clean Up

Apr 12 /

Janitors are building a coalition to confront the Twin Cities' extreme racial and economic inequality. Their new contract pushes wages for most of the workforce over $15 an hour immediately. »

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A Network You Can Trust

May 26 /

The Verizon strike is both a test and an opportunity for the whole labor movement. Will we rise to the occasion and back our striking brothers and sisters at Verizon? »

CARTOON: Panama Papers Expose Global Elite's Tax Avoidance Schemes

May 17 /

The global elite are bending the rules to hide their money, while telling us they can't afford to provide health care or pay a living wage. »

Steal These Secrets

May 11 /

I've been bowled over by the reception for our new book. But before you buy it, why not check out the parts we’re giving away for free? »