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Viewpoint: Kaiser Mental Health Clinicians Win Scheduling Ratios

Nov 19 /

NUHW has fought for this contract ever since breaking away from SEIU five years ago. The win proves the underdogs were right: givebacks at Kaiser could be beaten. »

Auto Workers Say: Look Beyond the Bonuses

Nov 13 /

While the Big Three rake in profits, union bargainers have quietly given up on pensions and cost-of-living raises. Workers are asking, “If we don’t get our concessions back now, when will we ever get them?” »

Colorado Teachers and Parents Recall Hostile School Board Members

Nov 4 /

Teachers and parents beat the Koch brothers' campaign money by knocking on 100,000 doors. »

IKEA Retail Workers Strike for Recognition

Nov 16 /

Workers who stock the shelves of a Massachusetts store are seeking to become the furniture giant's first "micro-bargaining unit." »

Fighting for Good Jobs for Black Workers

Nov 10 /

The Los Angeles Black Worker Center wants to open up good jobs in a city where 1 in 3 Black workers holds a low-wage job, and 50 percent are unemployed or underemployed. »

Grand Rapids Bus Drivers Fight to Save Pensions

Nov 3 /

Members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 836 in Michigan have brought a 15-foot inflatable camel to their pension fight. »

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Learning the Right Recall Lessons

Nov 24 /

A scrappy coalition of teachers and community allies took on three Tea Party incumbents who controlled the school board—and beat them 2 to 1. »

‘Striking on the Job’: Joe Hill’s Living Message

Nov 19 /

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the execution of Joe Hill, the iconic labor troubadour and troublemaker. »

Boston School Bus Drivers Fight Firings and Telematics

Nov 12 /

Up against a notorious union-busting conglomerate, the undaunted drivers reelected their fired officers and declare they "will strike if provoked." »