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Viewpoint: More Seattles, Please

Apr 16 /

Unions in some cities are jumping on Seattle's bandwagon, but all of labor needs to take the big public support for a $15 minimum wage, and run with it. »

Big Brown Waves White Flag

Apr 10 /

After a relentless labor-community campaign, UPS waved the white flag and agreed to rehire all 250 New York City drivers the company fired last month. »

Wish You Were There!

Apr 7 /

The 2014 Labor Notes Conference was the largest yet. Though labor’s official numbers are declining, its troublemaking wing seems to be gaining confidence. »

Conference Photo Gallery, Plus More Videos

Apr 11 /

Browse our gallery of pictures from the 2014 Labor Notes Conference, April 4-6 in Chicago, and catch a few of the speeches on video. »

Lean Production Hits Public Education

Apr 8 /

Factory-style methods—including deskilling, micromanagement of work tasks, speed-up, formation of teams, contracting out, and creation of tiers in the workforce—are now being imported wholesale into schools. »

Teachers’ Strikes Catching Fire from Oregon to Minnesota

Apr 3 /

Despite the "age of austerity," teachers are beginning to win some battles—by winning over hearts and minds in the communities they serve. »

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'Carry it On' Tour Honors the Legacy of Pete Seeger with Sing-Alongs for Social Justice

Apr 21 /

Audiences in Washington state and British Columbia can expect the unexpected, from Irish ballads to union sing-alongs to political punk anthems. »

35 Years of a Not-Boring Labor Movement

Apr 15 /

When Labor Notes began in 1979, the founders didn't know what a rocky road lay ahead. What have we all learned over 35 years? »

Review: Cesar Chavez Remembered, Warts and All

Apr 14 /

Cesar Chavez in the new biopic is a flat, one-dimensional character who does everything unassisted. The organizers on whose shoulders he stood are ignored or reduced to bit players. But a documentary and a new biography do a better job of assessing this complex character. »