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Fight for 15 Inspires Bold Demands

Apr 14 /

As thousands of low-wage workers prepare to rally and strike, demanding $15 an hour and a union, their high-profile mobilization has already inspired workers in a range of industries far beyond fast food. »

Navigating New Immigration Rules—with the Union’s Help

Apr 6 /

Going beyond contracts and grievances, the United Food and Commercial Workers is serving its members in a new way: helping immigrants prepare to get legal authorization to work, under President Obama’s recent executive order. »

L.A. Teachers Escalate

Mar 30 /

United Teachers Los Angeles has declared impasse in its negotiations with the nation’s second-largest school district. Fifteen thousand members filled a downtown park. Is a strike on the way? »

Lessons from Chicago Movers’ Six-Month Strike

Apr 8 /

After nearly two years of organizing and a grueling six-month strike, in February workers at Golan’s Moving and Storage in Skokie, Illinois, ratified their first contract. »

Seattle Activists Take Wage Enforcement Into Their Own Hands

Apr 1 /

The first installment of Seattle's $15 minimum wage takes effect April 1, but organizers are concerned the city isn't doing enough to enforce the increases. »

Angry at Givebacks, Teamsters Unite to Challenge Hoffa

Mar 26 /

Are the chickens finally coming home to roost for Teamsters brass? After the Hoffa administration forced concessions onto unwilling members, opponents are teaming up in the 2016 race. »

TroubleMakers Blog

Strike Tips

Apr 24 /

Ready to walk out? Find nuts-and-bolts advice in Labor Notes books. »

Review: Manny and the Mango Tree

Apr 16 /

Even if lately she seems to love Minecraft more than anything in the world, getting my eight-year-old daughter to read isn’t an issue. What’s difficult is finding books for her that reflect our family’s values. »

IRS Cuts Protect Wealthy

Apr 13 /

By underfunding audits, politicians are helping their rich friends get away with tax evasion. The resulting shortfall provides an excuse to weaken government programs they never liked anyway. »