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September 29, 2014 /
It's a story that anyone concerned about attacks on the public sector should know. Janine Booth's new book shows not only how transit privatization failed in London, but why it had to fail. »
September 26, 2014 /
The one-day strike at the Hammond, Indiana, seating plant showed real leverage, shutting down Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant. But despite union pronouncements, it didn't exactly end two-tier. Lower-seniority workers will be shunted off to a new plant, "Lear II," where pay will remain low. »
September 25, 2014 / Jenny Brown
Bus workers in Amalgamated Transit Union Local 788 won a new contract after they called out management on outrageous racism. »
September 23, 2014 / Jenny Brown
Don’t officers care when one of their number violates procedures, breaks the law, and commits murder? Turns out at least one officer organization does. »
September 19, 2014 / Jenny Brown
Climate change activists are getting ready for a huge climate march on Sunday in midtown Manhattan, aimed at world leaders who are gathering at the United Nations for a climate summit. The march’s message: Let’s see some real action. »
September 17, 2014 /
Digging for a little historical inspiration? You'll find a rich seam in Andrew Arnold's account of how 19th century coal miners used their leverage in a wildly profitable supply chain to demand a living wage. They also invented dues check-off, by the way. »
September 16, 2014 /
“There’s an epidemic of disabled autoworkers at GM factories,” said organizer Paige Shell-Spurling at a recent protest. That's why four injured Colombian ex-GM workers are on hunger strike with lips sewn shut, and one is buried up to his neck. »
September 09, 2014 /
Each passing day we understand better: what happened May 13 was no accident. It was the result of privatization, corporate negligence, and an indifferent government. »
September 08, 2014 / Alexandra Bradbury
Politicians boasted they’d persuaded VW to “invest” $600 million in Tennessee—but almost $300 million of that will come from the state’s taxpayers. But what if the state spent that directly, on restoring jobs it recently cut? »
September 04, 2014 /
Teachers facing similar conditions are inspiring each other across borders, with exchanges between teachers in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. »