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April 06, 2017 /
For five weeks teachers in Argentina have been on strike almost continuously, using the days they do go to school to explain to students and parents the reasons for their conflict with the national government. Today, they’re joined by the rest of the country’s workers, in the first general strike under President Mauricio Macri. »
April 05, 2017 / Dan DiMaggio
When they heard President Donald Trump would address the Building Trades national legislative conference, activists from Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 569 knew they had to do something. »
March 31, 2017 /
March 28, 2017 / Sonia Singh, / Alexandra Bradbury
The remarkable “Day without Immigrants,” when tens of thousands walked out February 16, sprang from the grass roots with little coordination by unions or worker centers. But to their credit, many groups are now looking to build on that momentum with strikes and protests May »
March 28, 2017 /
On a snowy winter day, 25 people gathered in a library meeting room in Greenfield, Massachusetts, to hear how a movement of progressive activists had won elections and taken power in Richmond, California. »
March 09, 2017 /
Year after year, the official statistics tell us the strike is all but disappearing from the United States. But is this the whole story? The Bureau of Labor Statistics only reports strikes of 1,000 or more workers. There were just 15 of those last year. »
March 03, 2017 /
Hace catorce años unos trabajadores en Buenos Aires, Argentina, ocuparon un hotel céntrico que sus propietarios habían abandonado. Desde entonces, han operado el Hotel Bauen como una cooperativa dirigida por trabajadores, recuperándolo no sólo como hotel, sino también como un centro para eventos sindicales y de movimientos sociales, buscado por visitantes »
March 03, 2017 /
Fourteen years ago workers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, occupied a downtown hotel that its owners had abandoned. Ever since, they’ve operated the Hotel Bauen as a worker-run cooperative, making it not only a hotel but a center for union and other movement events, sought out by progressive visitors from around the world. »
February 20, 2017 /
Every year on the eve of the Super Bowl, celebrity chefs, National Football League players, and Hollywood stars come together in the game’s host city for an opulent fundraiser for local and national food banks. It’s called the Taste of the NFL. »
February 17, 2017 / Chris Brooks
The Machinists’ loss in the February 15 union vote at Boeing was devastating. Out of 3,000 workers eligible to cast ballots at the Charleston, South Carolina, plant, 2,097 voted against unionization, and only 731 in favor. But contrary to the armchair wisdom of pundits, this vote was not a referendum on whether or not it’s possible to organize in the South. »