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July 29, 2014 /
"As tier two workers we can scarcely afford to buy the vehicles we build!" wrote a GM worker to new UAW President Dennis Williams. "We are ready to stand up and be counted as the 2015 contract approaches." Co-workers signed a T-shirt to show they agree. »
July 24, 2014 / Jane Slaughter
Investigating the myth of the pro-war hardhat, author Penny Lewis asks, "Who caused the greatest disruption to the US capacity to fight in Vietnam?” and makes the case that “working people were at the forefront.” »
July 22, 2014 / Alexandra Bradbury
“There’s a man inside that factory named Mr. Jerry,” explained Nissan worker Mock Morris before he began to sing. “Mr. Jerry! He’s head of security inside the factory. Ain’t gonna let Mr. Jerry—” “—turn me around, turn me around, turn me around…” The crowd instantly took up the civil rights hymn. »
July 18, 2014 / Jane Slaughter
A thousand Detroiters and supporters marched through downtown to say “Turn On the Water!” The city has been sending shut-off trucks to the houses of those behind on their water bills, turning off the taps at 3,000 houses a week. »
July 18, 2014 /
At national conventions of the two major teacher unions this month, controversy flared over the Common Core, a standardized curriculum largely funded by the privatizers at the Gates Foundation. »
July 17, 2014 / Jenny Brown
Deficit hawks want the young to stop thinking like Occupy Wall Street, 99% vs. 1%, and start thinking like the Cato Institute, young vs. old. »
July 14, 2014 /
It’s not often that a business professor at an elite university argues in favor of investing in workers. So a new book on what Costco and Trader Joe's do right is useful... but also frustrating, for what it leaves out. »
July 10, 2014 /
How are "rideshare" startups getting away with flouting taxi regulations? Over cabbies' objections, they're worming their way into cities in the U.S. and Europe—because money talks. »
July 08, 2014 / Alexandra Bradbury
Port truckers organizing with the Teamsters in Los Angeles and Long Beach are showing their growing leverage. This time their minority strike shut down one of the L.A. port's biggest terminals. »
July 03, 2014 /
Economist Thomas Piketty's new book Capital in the Twenty-First Century offers plenty of ammunition activists can use to expose inequality's scope and force. But don't look to him for solutions. »