Troublemakers Blog

November 12, 2015 /
Up against a notorious union-busting conglomerate, the undaunted drivers reelected their fired officers and declare they "will strike if provoked." »
November 09, 2015 / Samantha Winslow
Despite the impulse to self-sacrifice, the best thing teachers can do is stand up for themselves—and their students—against the corporate cost-cutting mindset. »
October 28, 2015 / Sonia Singh
Ontario’s provincial government is threatening to dock teachers’ wages as elementary teachers today escalate their work-to-rule action. »
October 27, 2015 /
Senator Bernie Sanders joined hundreds of Verizon and Verizon Wireless workers for a lunchtime rally in front of the Verizon Wireless store on 42nd Street in Manhattan. »
October 22, 2015 / Alexandra Bradbury
After overwhelmingly voting down the first version of a tentative agreement, Chrysler workers have ratified the second version, which gives Tier 2 workers a path to Tier 1 pay—though not comparable benefits. »
October 19, 2015 /
“At the rate things are going, my children will be growing up on noodles,” said McDonald's worker Anthony Ross. “It’s not about giving them everything they want. It’s about wanting to live.” »
October 16, 2015 / Dan DiMaggio
Auto workers at Chrysler will vote next week on a second contract proposal, after voting down the first agreement in a landslide in late September. »
September 30, 2015 /
"Yogi, we miss you," writes Howard Egerman, local union officer in a Social Security office. He's protested unpaid government shutdowns over and over. »
September 21, 2015 / Mark Brenner
Unions that are willing to aim high might win something worth having. »
September 17, 2015 / Jane Slaughter
The United Auto Workers settled a new contract with Fiat Chrysler September 15, and local leaders are now learning the details. »