Samantha Winslow

The new statewide president of the 110,000-member Massachusetts teachers’ union made her name leading a standardized test boycott.

Fix Schools First, Say Charter Teachers

Charter school teachers in Philadelphia are speaking out against their employer taking over another school while ignoring teachers at existing schools.

Instead of supporting management’s expansion plans, they’re making common cause with parents at the targeted school, Luis Muñoz-Marín Elementary. The teachers want to unionize in the charter teacher local of the AFT.

Transit Irony: The More You Rely on It, the More They Cut

On one side of town, tourists and young professionals head downtown on light rail: clean, air-conditioned, fast. If there’s a problem with service, the city diverts buses to help.

On the other side of town, workers wait at bus stops. The buses that carry them to work come less and less frequently, thanks to service cuts. Drivers struggle to get through their routes in less time.

A slate of activists bidding to head the nation's second-largest teachers local say the union should fight for better schools, not just a raise.

Charters Get Kids Cubicle-Ready

From Silicon Valley, the Rocketship chain of charter schools is hoping to expand across the country. It’s backed by some of the biggest names in the tech world and claims high test scores.

Rocketship leaders brag that they think outside the box. Teachers, for instance—who needs them? The company says it saves half a million dollars a year by using fewer teachers, replacing them with non-certified instructors at $15 per hour.

Teachers and students say the Los Angeles school district’s plan to distribute iPads to every student is a way to increase standardized testing.

More than 22,000 campus workers and service and technical workers in the system’s medical centers struck for a day, claiming harassment and intimidation by management.

Pittsburgh Troublemakers Go to School

Eighty activists, including members of the Steelworkers, Transit Union (ATU), United Electrical Workers (UE), Service Employees, and AFSCME, gathered Saturday for a day of trainings, workshops, and discussions: the Pittsburgh Troublemakers School.

The day’s activities focused on preparing members for active campaigns in the Pittsburgh area and at their worksites. Speakers highlighted fights against plant and factory closings and against cuts to education and services, and three labor-community partnerships that have emerged in the city.

Attack of the Cadillac Tax

Picture a union worker pulling up in a Cadillac, valet-parking at the city’s most prestigious hospital, and pulling out the gold card for lavish care. Plastic surgery, massages: all covered. Is that what the "Cadillac tax" is supposed to prevent?