Best-sellers Triple Play

Get The Steward's Toolbox together with Labor Notes best-sellers, A Troublemaker's Handbook 2, and Democracy is Power.


The Cargo Chain

This pamphlet looks at the network of ship hands, longshoremen, truck drivers, railroad operators, and warehouse workers that make the global marketplace possible.


US Labor In Trouble and Transition

Kim Moody's latest contribution, US Labor in Trouble and Transition tells the story of union decline in America and of the split in the labor movement it led to, following the dismal tale of union mergers and management partnerships that accompanied the retreat from militancy since the 1980s.


The Union Stewards Complete Guide 2nd Edition

The 2006 edition of Union Communication Services popular guide book offers hands-on advice, addressing problems ranging from the basics of grievance handling to dealing with difficult supervisors or co-workers to ways of increasing membership involvement in the union.


The Legal Rights of Union Stewards

Whether you're a new union steward, or simply want to bone up on your legal knowledge for an upcoming campaign, Robert Schwartz's The Legal Rights of Union Stewards is welcome addition to your library.


The Civil Wars In US Labor

Between 2008 and 2010, the progressive wing of the U.S. labor movement tore itself apart in a series of internecine struggles. In this incisive new book, labor journalist Steve Early draws on scores of interviews and on his own union organizing experience to explain why and how these labor civil wars occurred.


Ramparts of Resistance

Long-time Labor Notes supporter and labor educator Sheila Cohen examines the experience of U.S. and British workers in the last three decades in her new book. Looking at rank-and-file labor struggles, Cohen explores issues of union democracy and the political meaning of ordinary workplace resistance--and puts forward ideas for change.



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