Troublemakers Blog

December 15, 2015 / Alexandra Bradbury
Elves Local 1224 is turning up the cold in its North Pole strike. Order your gifts from Labor Notes by December 17. »
December 09, 2015 /
At least 21 activists in Guangdong province were apprehended in their homes and offices December 3, in what their supporters are calling a “sweep.” »
December 08, 2015 /
As a local leader in the farmworker movement, I look to Labor Notes for news, allies, and hands-on tools. That’s why I’m asking you to join me and help support troublemaking. »
December 02, 2015 / Alexandra Bradbury
“A lot of our best contract-campaign tactics came from A Troublemaker’s Handbook 2,” said Blitzen, a steward in the reindeer department. “You’ve got to get your hooves on a copy.” »
November 24, 2015 / Mark Brenner
A scrappy coalition of teachers and community allies took on three Tea Party incumbents who controlled the school board—and beat them 2 to 1. »
November 19, 2015 /
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the execution of Joe Hill, the iconic labor troubadour and troublemaker. »
November 12, 2015 /
Up against a notorious union-busting conglomerate, the undaunted drivers reelected their fired officers and declare they "will strike if provoked." »
November 09, 2015 / Samantha Winslow
Despite the impulse to self-sacrifice, the best thing teachers can do is stand up for themselves—and their students—against the corporate cost-cutting mindset. »
October 28, 2015 / Sonia Singh
Ontario’s provincial government is threatening to dock teachers’ wages as elementary teachers today escalate their work-to-rule action. »
October 27, 2015 /
Senator Bernie Sanders joined hundreds of Verizon and Verizon Wireless workers for a lunchtime rally in front of the Verizon Wireless store on 42nd Street in Manhattan. »